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Create the perfect employee experience

Complement your Workday HR solution with preboarding, onboarding and offboarding programs designed to make people success easy.

Get even more with Kallidus and Workday together. Round out your integration with Learn and start building proven learning and development programs above and beyond your native Workday capabilities.



Curate a seamless onboarding experience to elevate Workday and avoid common employee experience pitfalls.

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Employee Experience

Implement a great employee experience in weeks not months while you get the rest of your HR tech stack in place

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Better together

No need to change the existing tools you are using in the rest of your HR tech stack

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Impact the bottom line

Improve employee retention and save the cost of hiring and re-hiring

How it works

Blue icon demonstrating Kallidus platform integration with Workday

Integration Type

Workday to Sapling to Workday

Blue icon of two arrows rotating demonstrating the dataflow between Workday and Kallidus

Direction of Data Flow

Two way via API

Blue icon of cloud syncing demonstrating Workday integration


When candidate is hired or anytime an update is made

Blue icon of a stopwatch demonstrating synchronisation

Sync Frequency

Twice a day or on demand

What is this integration?

Powered by Sapling’s customizable workflows, our Workday integration lets you build a flexible, unique preboarding and onboarding experience that seamlessly fits into your current data flow.

  1. You’ve made an offer. Your candidate has accepted and is ready to join the team.
  2. Your new team member gets pushed from your Applicant Tracking System into Workday. Now you want to make sure they have the best experience possible with their new company. Yours! 
  3. All your new hire’s key details are automatically synced into the pending hires’ dashboard in Sapling. Nothing for you to do, no manual errors to be made.
  4. You’re excited to get your new hire started. They’re excited to hit the ground running. Your new hire is welcomed to the company and starts their preboarding experience in Sapling. They learn about your culture, their new role, your org chart and you collect the necessary details, signatures and documents.  
  5. As preboarding and onboarding tasks are completed, the data is sent back into Workday. Your new hire has gone through an incredible onboarding experience with all the essential information automatically synced with Workday. No double entry. No extra work. Just a seamless onboarding experience. 

When synced data is changed in Sapling or Workday the corresponding user profile will automatically be updated in the other platform twice a day.

Circular image displaying an office worker browsing the Kallidus Talent organisation chart on their laptop