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Help us to design the future direction of our products by taking part in our product design teams research activities.

Once you sign-up to the mailing list we will let you know when the research activity is taking place and give you the change to take part and have your say.

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What type of research can you get involved in?

The topics and types of research we carry out are quite diverse, you could get involved in:

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Click tests

First click testing is a method for measuring the usability of a website, app, or design by finding out how easy it is to complete a given task. Click tests are similar to surveys, we email them over for you to complete in your own time and they often only take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

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Research interviews

When we are right at the start of a project we conduct interviews on broad subjects in order to gain a greater understanding of the challenges you face in your role and how we can enhance our products to support you. We conduct these sessions virtually and they can range from 30 mins to 1 hour in length.

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Usability testing

Once we have a mock-up of some designs, we carry out usability testing sessions to get your feedback on what we’ve designed. We’ll show you a prototype and ask you to complete some tasks, so we can assess if our designs are easy and intuitive or if they need more work. We conduct these sessions virtually and they can range from 30 mins to 1 hour in length.

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We send out surveys to our mailing list for a wide variety of topics, often to support other research we are carrying out and to get a broad view of opinions across our customer base. They can be completed in your own time and can take anything from 1-10 minutes.

Join the Kallidus product design research group

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