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The role of managers in your L&D strategy

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Recorded on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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In this informative session on the managers’ critical role in the success of learning and development initiatives, we explored a range of strategies managers can use to ensure employees develop the skills they need to feel more successful in their roles. We will also identify specific strategies that learning designers, learning technology admins, and learning and development team members can take to make managers’ jobs easier when supporting learning initiatives.

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Takeaways from Brian

Brian Washburn, author, a sought-after speaker and an experienced instructional designer who has been working in learning and development for more than two decades, shared with our audience some templates to help facilitate your internal discussions to engage managers.

Using technology

We also listened in on a conversation between our own, Pat Downs, and a group of L&D professionals pursuing Learn LMS to support manager and learner engagement.

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