We rise to your challenge

As one of the leading elearning companies, Kallidus has been designing and developing award-winning digital content for over 20 years, winning over 39 awards along the way. Our experienced design team has a wealth of experience across a wide range of subject matters and business issues.

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Solving your challenges

From compliance to induction, process systems to health and safety, and organisation-wide digital transformation, we have developed over 1,000 hours of elearning for some of the largest global organisations. Whether it’s driving behavioural change or dealing with conflict in the retail sector, our bespoke content harnesses the power of storytelling, rich media and stunning visual design.

Digital Transformation

In today’s fast-paced world, transformational change is an integral part of modern organisations. We understand that change can take you outside of your comfort zone, and we know how important innovative and effective learning experiences can be in easing the impact of change.

Working with you, we can revolutionise your organisation’s learning culture and empower your learners to take control of their learning journey to drive transformation and results.

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Induction & Onboarding

It’s true, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our bespoke induction and onboarding elearning offer our customers the opportunity to make the right impression, the first time and every time.

From the moment new colleagues join your organisation, and in some case,s before their journey begins, our digital solutions present them with the best first step into their new role, motivating and nurturing their career paths.

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Behavioural Change

Motivation to change starts from within the individual. Our team of learning experts can help you change behaviours through digital learning. We design emotionally intelligent and authentic learning experiences that encourage learners to empathise with customers and change.

Speaking of experience, ours includes working with some of the best-known brands in the UK, ranging from single modules right up to complete programmes of behavioural change, using immersive simulations, interactive video, complex animation and challenging stories.

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Customer Service & Sales

Customer service is an area that may not always seem best served by elearning, but we have achieved great success for several major clients in this space, providing complex solutions that include scenario-based learning, gamification and rich media.

Using this approach, we can create challenging and engaging learning that ultimately contributes successfully to behavioural change at an organisational level.

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Compliance Training

In a world where organisations are more and more governed by policies and regulations, compulsory compliance training is one of the most sought-after digital solutions to ensure employees are compliant, aware and safe in their working lives.

We know that mandatory training can often be seen as uninspiring or disconnected from your organisation’s culture. To combat this and achieve the results your organisation desires, our dedicated design team delve into the heart of your business ethos and strategies to develop authentic and relevant solutions.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Engage with employees from a local to global scale and help teams unlock their full potential.

We partner with organisations of all sizes and apply sound pedagogical principles and a mix of interactive media to deliver relevant, accessible learning that’s designed to make a difference.

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Systems & Process

Developing systems training comes with some unique challenges. Producing bespoke systems training in sometimes pressurised development windows that may have to go through multiple changes requires a flexible but pragmatic approach.

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Info Sec & Cyber Security

We understand how important the security of information is to our customers and the need to train staff to ensure they are compliant. But what is the most effective way to ensure learners understand and behave in a way that protects your important business data?

we believe real-world scenarios and stories is one way to get your content to stick – and our award-winning learning design team are experts at bringing your content to life.

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Learning Design

Games, glorious games

Today’s workforce expects learning to be engaging and fun.

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Learning Design

Take a note of gaming culture

Stay compliant with gamification in the workplace.

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Learning Design

Design a solution from the ground up

Watch out gamification, gameful design is on the rise.

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