UXUK Awards 2017 Shortlist – LMS UX

Kallidus are delighted to have been shortlisted for the UXUK Awards 2017 for our completely transformed LMS UX, Kallidus Learn.

Kallidus are delighted that our LMS UX has been shortlisted for these prestigious awards. As we go head-to-head against some brand giants such as National Trust, BT TV, Warner Brothers and the V&A Museum, to be shortlisted alone is an honour in itself.

Why is UX so important?

Research has shown that 69% of workers want to be able to do their job better or faster, but feel restricted by poor UX in their learning applications. The desire to learn is there – Kallidus have made it possible.

As the needs and expectations of the modern learner continually change, it was time to completely reimagine our product and approach. Whilst a simple facelift would have been sufficient to keep up with market trends, we knew we wanted to be able to offer an intuitive platform full of features that would be used and understood, with minimal user training required.

With over 4.5 million product users, it was essential for us to provide the most user-friendly experience possible.

What did we contribute to UX?

We started our research into the existing product by visiting as many customers as possible across as many sectors as we could. From staff at high-street restaurant chains using a shared PC in an open restaurant, to medical staff in hospitals, we discovered that, when it came to using the platform, users were looking for a simple answer to their query: ‘What do I need to complete, and when for?’

With this core need underpinning our work, we mapped out the user journeys and started to design. Firstly, we put together low-fidelity sketches, which we click-tested with the assistance of over 50 clients who were happy to provide feedback.

After iterations, we built an interactive prototype. We then employed usability-lab testing where we tested the early version of the new design against the existing product. We invited stakeholders to come along to watch the testing – client feedback is crucial to us and we are keen to understand our clients’ requirements. This proved that the updated platform was capable of delivering the business-critical functionality that our customers needed from us.

UXUK Awards 2017

We didn’t stop there.

We then created a high-fidelity HTML prototype that we took out on the road to test with more than 50 users of our existing product. During this time, we undertook many design iterations and improved the ease of learning journey for the end user.

Since going live in December 2016, the design team has been working hard to migrate features from our original product into the updated platform with a continued user-centred design focus.

What were the results?

The project saw us test with 120 users from around 30 organisations and notch up over 50 hours of face-to-face observation. By working so closely with our clients, we are proud to have met their needs having taken the time to understand their requirements and concerns.

Our new design is responsive and as such, mobile use has risen from 2.5% to 36% and tablet from 4% to 10%. This was important to us, as recent research has shown that 61% of learners want to be able to learn on the move. We enjoy listening to the ultimate end user and developing solutions to their difficulties.

Engaging your workplace with a learning culture.

We cannot thank our clients enough for taking the time to trial our prototypes – with their help, we have developed a modern learning platform with UX at the forefront of its design. This will enable organisations to meet higher engagement and compliance rates whilst empowering the 83% of users that are actively seeking opportunities in which they can gain new skills in the workplace.


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