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At Kallidus, we have proudly been creating award-winning elearning content for over 20 years for some of the largest organisations in Europe, delivering effective learning solutions from compelling interactive video to exciting gamified experiences.

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Our talented team are the key to your success. We go further than simply elearning. Our bespoke solutions delve deep beneath the surface of your challenges to explore the learner’s journey and perceptions, creating unique learning experiences that transform how your learners think, feel and behave.

Digital Learning

Our natural curiosity to inspire and think outside of the box means that not only are we creative but we also immerse ourselves in your company’s ethos to really understand you, bringing the best results.

Every solution we create is built from a blank canvas and begins with you. We take an in-depth understanding of your world, your challenges and what drives you to succeed. Combining our creativity, energy and enthusiasm with your strategy and goals, we develop solutions that make you stand out from the crowd.

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Mobile Learning

Delivering elearning content to a workforce to access through their own devices offers massive benefits and an increasing number of organisations are now looking to take advantage of this.

Kallidus has delivered several programmes for a smartphone-first learner base, including a solution for one of the UK’s largest retailers enabling more than 5,000 delivery drivers to access customer service training while on the move.

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Game Based Learning

We love gaming and with the rise in gamification transforming the way people learn, there has never been a better time for you to give your learners the ultimate learning experience and keep them coming back for more.

Our expert design team understands the power of gaming solutions to transport learners away from traditional learning into immersive and meaningful worlds, creating new learning experiences that revolutionise digital transformation.

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Scenario Based Learning

There’s no better way to learn than immersing yourself in a situation, and that’s where our scenario-based content stands out from the rest.

Working alongside our customers, our expert learning design team explore business needs and challenges to craft authentic and captivating environments, providing learners an opportunity to practice decision-making in a safe space. We know that creating powerful and compelling elearning genuinely changes learner behaviour delivering the results our customers desire.

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Interactive Video

We have developed some of our finest content using dramatised video which is particularly effective for shifting attitudes and helping to drive behavioural change.

Developing quality video material is complex. Even more important than the actual filming, is the ability to create compelling but authentic scripts that mirror work-life scenarios, often addressing sensitive topics such as aggression, dealing with conflict or people skills, including customer service and interviewing techniques.

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Micro Learning

Digital learning has become firmly established as an integral part of our learning lives. Moving away from lengthy courses towards effective, bite-sized on-the-go learning has rapidly become a favourite method for our customers.

Whether you are looking for a single module, or a programme of learning, it is just as important for each learning bite to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a beautiful high-end animation or media-rich interactive content, our expert team tailor each piece of digital content to your needs, ensuring full impact and engagement.

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App Development

Deliver learning directly to your target audience with apps designed for their mobile devices. Engage ears, eyes and brains with fun, interesting content that addresses your training needs. Empower them with the knowledge they need to perform and succeed, whatever their role.

Sound appealing? We produce native apps for delivery on Android and Apple platforms. Ask us for more details or learn more about how we helped GPs and medical students on behalf of Cardiff University and staff at NCFE using apps.

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Learning Design

What is engaging content
for the modern learner?

Take a look at how your elearning can keep learners engaged and wanting more.

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Authoring Tools

Top 4 authoring tools
for creating elearning

Director of Professional Services, Pat Cannon, shares with us his thoughts on authoring tools.

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Compliance Learning

Making the most
of compliance training

Five tips to make the most of compliance based elearning.

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