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How to leverage technology to create a manager-led learning culture  

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Date and time: Wednesday March 22nd at 10am PT/ 1pm ET  

Join us for a dynamic and interactive webinar as we explore how you can leverage technology to create a manager-led learning culture in your organization!  

In this webinar, we’ll share actual results for companies that have used these manager-led strategies to increase completion rates, especially in compliance-driven companies, as well as improve employee engagement and satisfaction through manager recognition.  

By attending this webinar you‘ll discover: 

  • Learn the importance of a manager-led learning culture and its impact on organizational success. 
  • Discover how technology can support the development and delivery of manager-led learning programs. 
  • Implement practical strategies for creating and promoting a culture of continuous learning within your organization. 

Speaker information

Patrick Downs, Account Executive, Kallidus 

Originally from Portsmouth, NH with an English background before falling by choice into sales. 

After establishing a sales career, Patrick spent several years managing new sales reps, building out GTM playbooks in addition to digital and in-classroom training materials as the lone enablement person at PandaDoc. 

He decided to merge his two passions of learning and sales as an Account Executive at Kallidus and the rest is history. 

Patrick Downs

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This is one of the best convos I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.” Kathryn T. 

This was an amazing dialogue, so happy this was provided. THANK YOU ALL!” Lori L. 

Excellent info, awesome ideas and tools. Thank you.” Vivian E. 

Thank you all for this informative and thought-provoking session.” Allie B. 

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