Redefining customer sales and service e-learning for JYSK

The challenge

In mid-2017, JYSK launched their campaign to revamp their suite of modules for their new Mobile Retail Curriculum. They are in the process of re-designing all 18 modules within their Retail Curriculum, pushing boundaries by designing these with mobile smartphones acting as primary devices.

Previously, JYSK’s e-learning modules were basic builds with a PowerPoint type functionality. They were aware this could be considered disengaging to the end user and wanted to make changes that would encourage their employees to engage with and complete their learning.

JYSK’s enthusiasm towards wanting to help their employees learn as much as they could became extremely evident as it wasn’t just about getting the content just right, it was about the immersive environment as well.

JYSK had a clear goal in mind and wanted to make sure each module could:

  • Deliver content through gamification.
  • Be fun, interactive and challenging to the learner
  • Re-design existing content to bring it up to date
  • Be translated into 17 different languages
  • Be compatible for PC, Mobile and Tablet. Mobile will be the target device.

The solution

JYSK brought Kallidus on board to help them realise what could be done to make the learning become the immersive, interactive content they were looking for.

Many ambitious ideas where brainstormed between Kallidus and JYSK to be able to make the content unique and individual. With these in mind, Kallidus created a concept that provided gamified content, realistic scenarios, challenging knowledge checks and interactive characters, helping JYSK encourage employee interest and engagement and delivering a unique learning experience.

Bumps in the road

JYSK were looking for an option to review the content once the learner had completed the module.

The LMS in its current state was unable to manage this request, which meant JYSK’s learners couldn’t re-access the content without wiping their pass mark and completion status.

With the help of the LMS Development Team, Kallidus was able to implement a new update to the LMS which now allows learners to review modules without losing their score and status.

“Spoken to the team at JYSK. The content was shown to their superiors last week.
They got an applause…”

“This does not happen very often!

Great job guys.”

Email from Head of Bespoke Content Sales, Kallidus, following conversation with Project Manager, JYSK

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