Kallidus implements centralised global learning platform for Grafton Group

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The challenge

Grafton Group plc is an international distributor of building materials to trade customers with leading regional or national positions in the merchanting markets in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Grafton is also the market leader in DIY retail in Ireland and the UK’s largest manufacturer of dry mortar. The Group operates from 675 branches, and encompasses more than 10 different businesses, 40 brands and employs 13,000 staff.

Grafton needed a centralised learning platform capable of giving it a clear view of learning across the group. A decentralised structure had resulted in the Group having five different learning platforms from the same provider with some brands having no access to an eLearning platform at all. Those with access found the platform difficult to use and it lacked the flexibility required to support the delivery of mandatory training courses

The solution

Grafton chose Kallidus Learn because it has the flexibility to support the growth of the group with its multi-language capabilities. Also, Grafton liked the fact it can be easily branded and personalised for individual business units, enabling each to develop and roll out their own mandatory courses and soft skills training to meet their learning objectives.

The ability to make learning accessible and support mobile learning was also an important criterion in the procurement process. 50% of staff do not have a work email address, and drivers and other personnel out in the field serving customers needed to be able to do their learning remotely using their mobile phones.

“We chose Kallidus Learn because its ‘look and feel’ and simplicity were very appealing. The expertise of its team of people was a very important part of our decision too and Kallidus really impressed us with how much they listened to our needs before coming up with great solutions to the challenges we face,” said Cliff Rendell, Head of HR, Reward and Payroll.

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A global solution personalised for local business needs

Grafton opted for a phased implementation across the business with different divisions and brands having different requirements or using different languages. Kallidus Learn was successfully rolled out across the entire business in less than six months.

Getting learners engaged from the outset was important and some divisions, for example BuildMate which employs 3,500 people, decided to run a competition to win an iPad to get people onboard with the new system.

“We had a particularly complex set-up by being a group with multiple businesses around the UK and Europe coupled with teams building their own content to distribute to learners. Kallidus Learn has enabled us to successfully achieve our goal of having one centralised global system for all content yet still providing a local and personalised multi-brand solution.

We’ve had great feedback from our learners since the system went live with most commenting on how easy it is to use. We are looking forward to tracking how much learning everybody is doing and this will provide us with powerful insight to inform our L&D strategy and the business as we grow,” concluded Cliff Rendell.

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