Cirencester, UK, 10 October 2016: Multi-award winning learning and talent solutions provider Kallidus is running a free virtual reality (VR) in learning seminar at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition.

Renowned industry expert and Product Innovator at Kallidus, Tim Drewitt, will be presenting his “Getting Started with VR: myths, realities and practicalities” seminar at 11.15am – 11.45am, Theatre 1, NEC Birmingham on Wednesday 19 October 2016.

With 2016 dubbed the year of VR, Tim will dispel myths surrounding this ground-breaking technology and will provide practical insight into how organisations from all sectors can get started with using VR to create high-impact immersive learning for hard and soft skills training and development.

In the UK’s largest study <> into the use of VR for learning, Kallidus found that 9 out of 10 learning professionals are planning to use VR for learning in their organisation. Over a third plan to roll out VR over the next three years, and more than half have VR at the top of their list as the next new mode of learning they most want to implement, ahead of virtual classrooms, mobile learning, games-based learning and social learning.

Philip Pyle, Sales and Marketing Director at Kallidus said: “VR has captured the imagination of L&D professionals and our research shows the majority are keen to use it help create innovative and more engaging learning experiences and to provide virtual simulated learning environments for training that wouldn’t be safe or cost-effective in the real-world.”

Tim will share key highlights from Kallidus’ recent research report ‘Virtual Reality: The next big transformational learning technology” in his seminar and will also cover:

How VR can be used effectively to allow employees to safely practice new techniques and specialist skills, while having the freedom to fail; an approach that can make vital learning in-situ feasible and cost-effective.

  • Practical considerations for developing immersive-simulated content and how perceived key barriers can be overcome.
  • Why VR is not just suited for training in high-risk hazardous environments like defence and aerospace and how 360-degree VR and other immersive techniques can be used to transport the learner into someone else’s shoes for onboarding and orientation and for interpersonal skills, leadership development and customer service training.

 “VR technology has come of age and I’m delighted to be presenting at The World of Learning this year and to be sharing my insights into the power of VR and how it can be used to add innovation and creativity to today’s learning mix. My seminar will help anybody considering using VR in their organisation to think about how and where VR could provide a practical and effective solution to today’s learning challenges,” added Tim Drewitt, Product Innovator at Kallidus.