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How Minted is supporting growth using Sapling

Learn how Minted uses Sapling to support their large onboarding of seasonal workers in the lead up to their busy season.


Prior to using Sapling, Minted used Paylocity as their HRIS, Jobvite as their ATS, Trello as their Payroll Management System, and Sterling for background checks and new hire forms system.

Keeping multiple systems updated became cumbersome for the HR and People team as there was so much data and important info to keep track of. Having incomplete, or inconsistent data made it very difficult for the different HR and People team members as well as the hiring managers to keep track of where new hires were on their onboarding program.

The main challenge was the manual workload involved in their onboarding and offboarding processes, including launching, tracking and gathering all forms and tasks to ensure nothing gets missed. As the company’s headcount grew, having so many different systems was no longer the smartest choice for them.


In early 2018 the team at Minted came across Sapling. After some research into the features and capabilities they selected Sapling in June 2018 due to the platform’s strong built in processes for onboarding and offboarding. They wanted clarity into their people management and they knew Sapling could bring that.

“We chose Sapling for its really good processes for onboarding and offboarding, and for it’s consistency and transparency with bringing all of our systems into one place to track everything. The ability to integrate Sapling with our other systems was a big factor as well”, mentioned Krista, Minted’s People Operations Generalist.

The team now uses Lever as their ATS system, which pushes new hire information to Sapling which pushes that information to Paylocity for their payroll.

“Having these smooth integrations from start to finish has made a world of difference with everything that we are doing”, said Krista.

‍Minted utilizes Sapling a lot for onboarding which has been a huge game changer for them. Having the ability to assign tasks to people and have a single source of truth for all HR data helps keep everyone on track and know what’s happening with every stage of the preboarding, onboarding and offboarding processes. They particularly like the abilities to tag coworkers in tasks and documents, set workflows for certain teams, and have email templates for various types of communications. The ability to have tasks built for new hires dependent on the department and hiring manager is a massive convenience.

Prior to the events of 2020, remote onboarding was not a focus for Minted. Sapling helped them easily transition from hiring for in-office roles to remote. Having the right tools to navigate growth with efficiency enabled Minted to adapt in the uncertain period of 2020. They found this transition to remote hiring and onboarding so streamlined that they plan to continue hiring a mix of in-person and remote roles in the coming years.


The biggest result of the Sapling platform is having all the important documents, tasks and workflows in one central location. Since implementing Sapling in June 2018 the team has significantly reduced their time spent on manual administrative tasks and reduced any risks of human error in onboarding and offboarding by having all the important information in one location.

Beyond its impact on time savings, and minimizing human error, Sapling has enabled the HR team at Minted to be more strategic and specifically target groups of new hires through custom workflows.

“Having a platform such as Sapling has made it much easier to launch emails, tasks, and workflows from one place rather than many”, said Krista. Minted created templates in Sapling for different email workflows based on seasonal hires or corporate team hires. By creating different experiences for both types of hires, the team has become more personalized with their communications. They also love the ability to edit templates with ease.

Minted is currently gearing up for their Q4 hiring spree. Every Q4 their HR & People teams hire a large number of seasonal Customer Success employees to support their busy season. This year they plan to fully utilize Sapling’s bulk onboarding feature to onboard these seasonal hires across the US. This will save the team countless hours by onboarding new hires in minutes. They also plan to try out Sapling’s new bulk offboarding feature when their busy season wraps up.

Minted now has employees based in multiple locations across the US. This ability to successfully ramp new hires up for success using Sapling has allowed the team to source the best talent for the role, regardless of what city they are in. They are experiencing rapid growth. In the last 2 weeks alone they hired 14 people!

“We chose Sapling for its really good processes for onboarding and offboarding, and for it’s consistency and transparency with bringing all of our systems into one place to track everything. The ability to integrate Sapling with our other systems was a big factor as well”

Krista Judge, People Operations Generalist, Minted

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