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Prepare for the death of static eLearning – the future is branded!  

You’ve got your logo, your brand colours, and your values.   You know exactly who you are, what you do, and what your customers say […]

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Learning and development inequality: are junior employees losing out? 

Unequal access to learning and development opportunities has always been an issue that significantly impacts workers lower down the career ladder.   Logically, the more […]

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The business case for diversity (and why it’s not just about money)

Let’s be clear – adding women, people of colour, transgender workers, disabled employees and other typically underrepresented people in your workforce will not – […]

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5 ways to upskill on your tea break

Ahh, tea; our loyal companion.  A properly brewed cuppa seems to solve all of life’s problems, doesn’t it?  Finished your favourite Netflix series? Get the kettle on. Friend needs to vent about […]

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Gen Z vs The Workplace: are you ready for the new generation?

When it comes to what Generation Z wants, you might be able to find the answer on Tiktok.  But don’t be fooled; Gen Zers aren’t just avid gamers and witty […]

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