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Is your hiring process a level playing field?

Everyone wants to recruit the best person – there’s no question about it. But, how do you know you’re really attracting the right people […]

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Are you the reason your favourite candidate is rejecting the job offer?

Truth time: if you’re not dazzling candidates with a memorable experience from the first hello, then you might be the reason your favourite candidate (the one […]

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Maximise your remote onboarding strategy in 5 easy steps

So, you’ve made it through the remote interview process, found your perfect candidate and they’re all set to join you. But how on earth […]

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Negative feedback for positive futures: how the right candidate feedback can enhance your recruitment strategy

Nobody likes rejection, especially during an interview process. But whether it’s at application or final interview, rejection doesn’t have to mean negativity. In fact, giving the right kind of feedback to candidates avoids bitterness and […]

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Interview preparation – it’s not just for candidates

With the ongoing advice to work from home where possible, and no clear vision of when a return to the office might take place, most of […]

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