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What Gen Z need to succeed in the workplace

The generation brought up with technology at their fingertips (quite literally) are now beginning their careers, and already form 25% of the global workforce! […]

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How to avoid seasonal hiring nightmares – and why now is the time to act 

January’s here; that festive glow is fading away, and your colleagues are regaling you with tales of their relaxing ten days out of the […]

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Seasonal hiring is ruining Christmas – here’s how to sleigh next year’s recruitment strategy 

It’s that time of year again.   While your colleagues are joyously scheduling Secret Santa and Christmas parties, you’re spending your days manually onboarding tens – no, hundreds – […]

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Want to boost employee’s moods? Consumer-grade tech is the answer…

It’s Friday evening. You’ve finished work, you’re ready to binge-watch a brand-new series you’ve been excited about all year. Feet are up; you’ve got […]

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Applicant tracking systems are evolving – here’s what you need to know!

Sony PlayStation, text messaging, and DVDs were all launched in the ’90s. As popularity grew and consumer expectations changed, so did the technology.   A decade later, advanced technology came with […]

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